Zello Setup

Zello Network Radios Accounts

  • Download and install the Zello App
  • Open the app and create an account, then Login.
  • Now setup your Profile.
  • Click your Username…
  • At the top Right hand side of the app, click the Edit tool (looks like a Pen).
  • The area under your initial’s you will see a Camera Icon, Click the Icon and add a Picture of yourself. In this area you can complete your profile as well.
  • Next Click Save on the top Right to save that picture.
  • Now click your Image,
  • At the Bottom right you will see the Channels Icon,
  • Click the Icon, you will see a blue Channel Icon, click that…
  • Your camera app will open, Scan the QR code, this will allow us the add you to the Channel.
Edit tool
Your Initials will be here.
Add your Image, complete your profile and Save.
Your Profile Page.
Click Channels.
Click the Blue Icon with the +.
Scan QR Code above to Enter the channel.